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The Wind In The Willows: 9 - 12 february 2005

Dave Pibworth as Toad - Poop Poop!TATS’ recent production was a musical adaptation of Kenneth Graham’s The Wind in the Willows. The show, directed by Cathy Swift, ran at the Village Hall from February 9-12.

John Morley’s script brings the well-loved characters of Toad, Ratty, Mole and Badger to life, adds some new ones and weaves a splendid adventure, which Cathy felt was sure to delight family audiences.

Reactions and feedback from people who came to see the show suggest that she was right!

And, though not a traditional panto, The Wind in the Willows nonetheless featured a pantomime horse as well as providing the cast with opportunities for cross-dressing! Cathy promised that there would be plenty of audience participation, and there was!

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Listen to music from Wind In The Willows

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Overture or the Weasels’ War Dance (the Pet Kuna) © Tim Brewster, 2005.

Dave Pibworth as Toad
Jan Clemens as Mole
Liz Curd as Ratty
Rosemary Gentry as Badger
Badger, Mole & Mrs Otter
Badger, Mole and Mrs Otter
Reginald & Fiona
Dobbin, Mole, Toad & Ratty
Reginald and Fiona
Dobbin, Mole, Toad and Ratty
In Court!
In Jail!
In Court!
In jail!
Bargewoman & Dobbin
Zelda & Gypsies
Bargewoman and Dobbin
Zelda and Gypsies
Chief Weasel & Weasels
The Weasels
Chief Weasel and Weasels
The Weasels
Weasels in Toad's Car
3 Rabbits!
Weasels in Toad's Car
3 Rabbits!
The Cast
Sharnbrook Upper School A Level student Sophie Landers making up Dave Pibworth as Toad.
The Cast
Cast and Crew:
Toad Dave Pibworth
Ratty Liz Curd
Mole Jan Clemens
Badger Rosemary Gentry
Chief Weasel Stephanie Munno
Dobbin Front legs Nicola Atkinson
Dobbin Back legs Jessica Corns
Mrs Otter Emma Wise
Portly Otter Ella Jenkins
Reginald John Murray
Fiona Helen Edwards
Magistrate Mick Lacey
Clerk/gypsy Clare Jenkins
Policeman Michael Jakins
Jenny Lydia Pickwick
Nelly Su Jenkins
Maggie Pam Cowley
Flo Mick Lacey
Vi (Clementina) Sandra Nightingale
Dot (Patsy) Michael Jakins
Bargewoman Sandra Nightingale
Zelda Glynis Northwood
1st rabbit Kate Brewster
2nd rabbit Olivia James
3rd rabbit Rachel Pearson
1st weasel Sebastian James
2nd weasel Joe Underwood
1st gypsy Clare Jenkins
2nd gypsy Helen Edwards
3rd gypsy Pam Cowley
Rabbits Nicola Atkinson, Jessica Corns, Ella Jenkins, Ruth Lusby
Weasels Nicola Atkinson, Kate Brewster, Jessica Corns, Olivia James, Ruth Lusby, Rachel Pearson, Lydia Pickwick
Gypsies Kate Brewster, Pam Cowley, Olivia James, Su Jenkins, Ruth Lusby, Rachel Pearson, Lydia Pickwick
Foxy Ferrets Ruth Lusby, Rachel Swift, Cathy Swift, Lily Tighe
Tim Brewster Melodeon, concertina, keyboard, accordion, bass guitar
Kate Brewster Violin
Dave French Drums
Andy Stewart Clarinet, flute, keyboard, alto sax
Holly Tighe Bass guitar
Lily Tighe Viola, percussion
Director Cathy Swift
Musical Director Tim Brewster
Artistic Director Jimmy ‘Turkey Boy’ Mann
Costumes Anne Milne
Make up Sophie Landers
Choreography Jane Brewster, Cathy Swift
Stage Manager Penny Murray
Set construction Andy Steele, John Murray, Roy Northwood and TATS
Set painting Eilean Moulang, Jimmy Mann and TATS
Lighting Glynis Northwood, Roy Northwood, Tom Pickwick
Sound Will Jenkins
Props Penny Murray, Francesca Mack
Runner Jane Brewster
Marketing Karen Pickwick, Gill Shouler, Rosemary Gentry
Box Office John Howlett, Turvey Central Stores
Front of House, bar Lucy Nightingale, Sandra Nightingale and TATS
Website design and management Jane Hay

Thanks to Janet and Keith Cockings, Turvey Village Hall, Dave Pibworth of Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy for the loan of the car.


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