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The Gut Girls: June 2004

"Humane and hugely funny" was how the Financial Times described Sarah Daniels' sometimes shocking play. The Gut Girls, when it opened at London's Albany Empire in 1988.

Time Out, London reported: "Regarded as little better than whores by their contemporaries, the gut girls are portrayed in this vigorous and intelligent play as a boisterous, beer-swilling, strong-minded bunch, handy with a knife both in the gutting shed and outside it, definitely independent in attitude and scornful of the illusion of male supremacy."

TATS production, directed by Cathy Swift, was based on real events and set against the unlikely backdrop of a slaughterhouse in late Victorian Deptford.

It traced the lives of girls who worked in the gutting sheds and how their fortunes are changed forever when the sheds are closed down. The efforts of the well-meaning Lady Helena to convert the rough and ready girls into young ladies - and find them alternative employment - are not without their tragic consequences.

Carcass loaned by the Meat & Livestock Commission
The Set
Carcass kindly loaned by the Meat & Livestock Commission
The Set
Gut Girls
Polly, Annie, Kate and Maggie
Gut Girls
Polly, Annie, Kate and Maggie
Jim & Len
Lady Helena & Arthur Cuttle Smythe
Jim & Len
Lady Helena in her drawing room with with Arthur Cuttle Smythe
Emily & Lady Helena
Annie & Kate
Emily attends to Lady Helena
Annie & Kate
Magic Lantern Show
Lady Helena's club, featuring Victorian magic lantern kindly loaned by Mrs Val Illingworth
Pricilla Cuttle-Smythe & Nora
Maggie & Lord Edwin
Priscilla Cuttle-Smythe and Nora
Maggie & Lord Edwin
Lady Helena and Lord Edwin
Pricilla & Lady Helena
Pricilla and Lady Helena
The cast
Curtain Call
Maggie & Eady
Curtain Call
Maggie & Eady
Polly, Maggie, Kate & Annie
Polly, Maggie, Kate and Annie
Cast and Crew:
Harry Michael Jakins
Annie Rachel Swift
Polly Gill Shouler
Ellen Liz Curd
Maggie Stephanie Munno
Kate Helen Swift
Jim Adam Pitt
Lady Helena Rosemary Gentry
Lord Edwin Doug Dunkley
Emily Kate Brewster
Arthur Cuttle-Smythe Mark Rycraft
Len Barrie Holland
Edna Su Jenkins
Eady Sandra Nightingale
Priscilla Cuttle-Smythe Pauline Adams
Madjacko Mark Rycraft
Nora Lydia Pickwick
Director Cathy Swift
Costumes Anne Milne
Props Mary Dunkley and Penny Murray
Carcasses Jimmy Mann, assisted by Stephanie Munno, Lucy Nightingale, Helen Swift and Rosemary Gentry
Set construction John Murray, Andy Steele, Barrie Holland
Lighting Glynis Northwood, Tom Pickwick
Marketing Karen Pickwick, Sandra Nightingale
Raffle Eilean Moulang


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