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Steel Magnolias: 9 - 11 June 2005

Director: Cathy Swift

About the play

Written by Robert Harling and first produced in New York in 1987, Steel Magnolias ran successfully at London's Lyric Theatre in 1989. Hilarious and touching, this play for six women is set in a beauty parlour somewhere in Louisiana. Through four scenes spanning three years, Clairee, Ouiser, M'Lynn and Shelby - Truvy's regular clients - and Annelle, her eager but inexperienced assistant, engage in small-town gossip, running the gamut of the birth/marriage/death cycle. The play moves towards tragedy when Shelby - a diabetic - dies following a kidney transplant operation, and the deep strength and purposefulness underlying the antic banter of the characters is ultimately revealed.

Annelle Clairee
Annelle - Fran Crowsley
Clairee - Rosemary Gentry
M'Lynn Ouiser
M'Lynn - Liz Curd
Ouiser - Francesca Mack
Shelby Truvy
Shelby - Rachel Swift
Truvy - Emma Wise
KPPD Radio DJ Shelby, Truvy, M'Lynn & Clairee
KPPD Radio DJ - Jimmy Brown
Shelby, Truvy, M'Lynn and
Bleeding Armadillo Groom's CAke! The Cast
Francesca proudly presents her bleeding armadillo groom's cake at the after show party!
The cast
Director - Cathy Swift
Director - Cathy Swift
Shelby has a hypoglcaemic attack
Act I, Scene 1 - Shelby has a hypoglycaemic attack
Truvy's Hair and Beauty Salon
Act II, Scene 1 - the cast in Truvy's Hair and Beauty Salon
M'Lynn is going to give her daughter a kidney
M'Lynn is going to give her daughter a kidney
Clairee offers Ousier up to M'Lynn for a  pasting
Clairee offers Ouiser up to M'Lynn for a pasting, while Annelle and Truvy look on, horrified
Cast and Crew:
Truvy Jones Emma Wise
Annelle Dupuy-Desoto Fran Crowsley
Clairee Belcher Rosemary Gentry
Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie Rachel Swift
M'Lynn Eatenton Liz Curd
Ouiser Francesca Mack
Voice of the KPPD Radio DJ Jimmy Brown
Director Cathy Swift
Stage Manager Sue Jenkins Assisted by Jan Clemens and Sandra Nightingale
Lighting Glynis Northwood and Tom Pickwick
Prompt Jane Brewster
Sound John Murray and George Clemens
Costumes Members of the cast
Set painting Liz Curd, Cathy Swift, Ruth Lusby
Box Office John Howlett of Turvey Central Stores and Rosemary Gentry
Marketing Karen Pickwick
Hair consultant Wendy Steele
Front of House, bar Sandra Nightingale, Liz Curd and John Murray
Set construction Andy Steele, Jimmy Brown, John Murray, Mark Rycraft, Mick Lacey, Mike Jakins, Paul Jenkins, Gary Fincham, Tom Pickwick and Keith Cockings

Thanks to Janet Cockings, Turvey Village Hall and John Howlett of Turvey Central Stores.

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