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Snow White: 2002

Cast and Crew:
Snow White Samantha Barnham

Queen Maligna

Jan Clemens
Maligna (transformed) Sandra Nightingale
Dame Goodheart Jimmy Brown
Chuckles Mark Rycraft
Prince Michael Tracy Butler
Alonzo Doug Dunkley
Voice of the Spirit of the Mirror Eilean Moulang
Fairy Rosemary Gentry
Campion Annie Partridge
Mouse - Ear Ruth Arrenburg
Sorrel Olivia James
Cloudberry Joe Holt
Butterburr Nicola Atkinson
Coltsfoot Samantha James
Speedwell Harriet Bloxham
Dragon James Underwood
Girl Lucy Nightingale
Man John Murray



Andy Steele, Penny Murray, Laura Pickwick, Tom Pickwick, Alice Arrenburg, Helen Swift, Rachel Swift, Lily Tighe, Holly Tighe, Sarah James, Ellie Underwood, Joe Underwood, Lydia Pickwick, Julie Williams and Gillian Shouler
Director Roy Northwood
Musical Director Andy Stewart
Drums Dave French
Flute Pam Carter
Lighting Glynis Northwood
Sound Gary Curd
Costumes Anne Milne, Janet Cockings, Anne's mum
Stage & Set Construction Tats Members and Friends
Bar and Front of House Tats Members and Friends
Dwarf’s Tools Mick Holmes
Practical Help and Continued Support Keith Cockings
Box Office Central Stores
Poster Design Ray Hughes
Make Up Wendy Steele

Website by Jane Hay