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Oliver: 14 - 17 November 2007



Click here to view photos taken at the dress rehearsal

Click here to see show photos

Cast and Crew  


Jamie Sharp

Artful Dodger

Sebastian James


Jonathan Davis

Nancy Charlotte Lucas
Mr Bumble Dave Chapman
Widow Corney   Rosemary Gentry

Mr Sowerberry  

Richard Moon

Noah Claypole  

Joe Holt

Mrs Sowerberry      

Sandra Nightingale

Bill Sikes   

Roy Taylor

Mr Brownlow            

Ben Lusby

Mrs Bedwin  

Jane Hay

Dr Grimwig       

Mick Lacey


Anne Williams


Nicola Atkinson

Charlie Bates  

Dan Lucas

Old Sally   

Mary Lusby

Old Lady

Laraine Coney

Pauper's Assistants

Lily Bootman & Olivia James

Rose Seller Kate Brewster
Milkmaid Lydia Pickwick
Strawberry Seller Liz Fincham
Knife Grinder Phil Pickwick
Long Song Seller Andrew Taylor
Bow Street Runners Martin Hargreaves & Tom Lusby
Chairman Neil MacMillan
Book Seller David Kestell

Workhouse Children: 

Jessica Corns, Ella Jenkins, Jennifer Evans, Violet Bootman, Emily Hales, Pip Knowles, Bethany Crabb, Poppy Lucas, Luca Hargrave, Rob Arrenberg, Jack Hartop, Massimo Burtoli

Fagin's Gang:

Dan Lucas, Luca Hargrave, Rob Arrenberg, Jack Hartop, Massimo Burtoli

Male Chorus:

Andrew Taylor, Phil Pickwick, Neil MacMillan, Ben Lusby, David Kestell, Martin Hargreaves, Tom Lusby, Mick Lacey, Richard Moon, Joe Holt

Female Chorus:

Su Jenkins, Tanya James, Liz Fincham, Lucy Nightingale, Keeley Bootman, Laraine Coney, Mary Lusby, Deborah Evans, Olivia James, Lily Bootman, KAte Brewster, Lydia Pickwick, Sandra Nightingale, Anne Williams

Director Jan Clemens
Musical director Tim Brewster
Choreographer Keeley Bootman
Stage Management & Props John Murray, Eilean Moulang, Penny Murray, Mary Dunkley
Wardrobe Anne Milne
Hair & make-up TATS members
Lighting & Lighting Design Glynis Northwood
Sound Tom Pickwick
Set Design Jan Clemens
Scenic Artists Eilean Moulang & TATS members
Set Construction John Murray, Simon Evans, Roy Northwood, Eilean Moulang
Publicity & Programme Karen & Tom Pickwick and Michele Swales
Raffle Eilean Moulang
Front of House Penny Murray & TATS members
Prompt Gillian Whittle
Piano & MD Tim Brewster
Drums Dave French
Flugelhorn & Trumpet Margaret Stevenson
Trombone Peter Francis
Flute & Clarinet Tim Nightingale
Bassoon Polly Gough


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