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"The Accrington Pals"

29 June - 2 July 2016


WANTED - a budding young actor to play the part of Reggie Boggis in TATS forthcoming production of The Accrington Pals

Reggie is a roguish young lad of fifteen who longs to be among the newly recruited men of the Accrington Pals Batallion. Regularly at odds with his mother, he provides rich comic moments when dodging to avoid her attempts to clip his ear after spending a night out with the lads; before prompting similar amusement upon reciting the final couplet of a ribald rhyme she’s found him teaching smaller children outside the gates of the local junior school. There is too, a poignant and serious side to the role when tragedy later unfolds on the battlefield.

This is a great character part requiring the delivery of some 70 lines spread at intervals through the play and would suit someone aged between Year 8 and 22 keen to break into serious theatre, or simply wanting to hone their stage skills.

Rehearsals at Turvey Village Hall take place on Mondays and Thursdays between 7.30pm and 10pm, with performances running from Wednesday 29th June to Saturday 2nd July 2016. Please note however, that attendance at each rehearsal will not be necessary until two weeks before the show and I will be more than happy to plan rehearsals around availability with anyone interested. You will be guaranteed a very warm welcome. (Ben Lusby - Director)

If you think you might be our final recruit please contact
Ben Lusby on 01234 824838
Mob. 07854460692
email: all@thelusbys.fslife.co.uk

Alternatively do get in touch with either: Su Jenkins (Chair of TATS) or Stephanie Munno who will forward your details to me.


Director: Ben Lusby

This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the ill-fated Somme offensive during World War 1, when Lord Kitchener’s volunteer ‘New Army’ was launched against the German trench defences to force an end to the conflict. The ‘Pals Battalions’ as they were known, locally recruited forces drawn from close knit communities across the country, had undergone extensive training and were expected to gain an easy victory, but this was not to be.

Sixty thousand fell on the opening day, 1st July, with close to 20,000 killed, huge losses unparalleled in modern British military history.

Set in Accrington four miles east of Blackburn, the play follows the evolving situation at home leading up to the event, with a strong focus upon the social and political implications of war.

Wartime production is in full swing, and with the imminent departure of so many men, the women of Accrington are presented with new opportunities that challenge existing gender distinctions and values. A subsequent limiting of news from the battle front meanwhile, leads to a march on the town hall when rumours of disaster begin to circulate. In a day the world had changed and nothing will be the same again.

For those interested in taking part, read through sessions will be held in:
Turvey Village Hall at 7.30pm on Monday 21st March and Thursday 24th March

Auditions to follow a week later on Thursday 31st March New members are very welcome, so please do come along and join us.

Ben Lusby


















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