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Man of the Moment: 7-9 June 2007

TATS were delighted that David Pibworth agreed to direct our June 2007 play for us. David has connections with Alan Ayckbourn and chose his Man of the Moment which was written in 1988 .

Man of the Moment is the story of two men meeting some years after a bank robbery where one was the robber and the other the 'have a go hero' who tried to foil the robbery - which resulted in the woman he later married having a shotgun go off in her face!

They meet for a TV programme to see how their lives have changed since the bank robbery - the results are not as expected - it's fair to say that this is a comedy of the 'black' variety!


Jil Rillington

Liz Curd

Vic Parks

David Chapman

Trudy Parks

Ruth Lusby

Kenny Collins

Andrew Taylor

Douglas Beechey

David Kestell


Su Jenkins


Phil Pickwick


Jane Clemens


Charlotte Lucas


Poppy Lucas



Director David Pibworth
Stage Manager Penny Murray
Props Mary Dunkley
Costumes Anne Milne
Set Design & Construction Eilean Moulang, Andy Steele, John Murray, Roy Northwood
Lighting Glynis Northwood, Roy Northwood, Tom Pickwick
Sound Tom Pickwick
Prompt Sandra Nightingale
Front of House Rosemary Gentry & TATS members
Hairdresser Lynn Mallett
Raffle Eilean Moulang
Programme Karen Pickwick
Advertising Lydia and Tom Pickwick
Box Office Central Stores


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