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"Lark Rise" and "Candleford" 9th - 13th November 2010 

Laura - CandlefordFlora Thompson’s autobiographical trilogy was adapted for the National Theatre by Keith Dewhurst in 1978 as two separate plays - Lark Rise and Candleford. These plays became famous for their innovative theatre and iconic music, selected, arranged and performed by the Albion Band. The music is an integral part of the plays, and ranges from traditional folk songs through musical hall to powerful folk-rock. The plays present gentle, oftenhumorous tableaux of rural life in thelate 1800s, Laura - Larkrisewith little real narrative – rather different from the TV adaptation. Each playfollows the events of a single day – one in Summer, one in Winter. Lark Rise (based on the Oxfordshire village of Juniper Hill) is set on the first day of harvest, with Laura (Flora’s character) aged 12. Candleford takes place two years later, on the day of the first hunt meet of the year. Now 14, Laura has left home and is working at Candleford Green (Fringford) post office for her cousin Dorcas Lane. Both plays feature poignant flashes forward to life beyond the villages.

Larkrise to CandlefordBoth plays were staged on alternate nights, with a double performance on the final Saturday. To capture the feel of the original promenade productions, we used a thrust stage, largely surrounded by the audience. The music will be faithfully reproduced from the original by a live band.

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