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"Cluedunnit" - February 2012

Directed by Jonathan Davis

Cluedunnit was adapted for the stage and directed by Jonathan Davis (Captain Mainwaring and the ‘Beast’). The show is based on the cult comedy thriller Clue, which in turn was loosely based on the board game Cluedo.

Wadsworth Andrew Taylor
Yvette Leanne Hillier
The Cook Sandra Nightingale
Colonel Mustard Jon Davis
Mrs White Keely Bootman
Mrs Peacock Jane Davis
Miss Scarlet Tracy Butler
Professor Plum Ian Shadbolt
Mr Green Martin Hargreaves
Mr Body Ben Lusby
Motorist Matthew Watson
The Cop Tom Lusby
Singing Telegram Carrie Walker
The Evangalist/Chief Rod Petty
FBI Agents Deborah Evans, Charlotte Lucas, Stephanie Munno


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