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Chess: 23rd - 26th November 2005

Director: Glynis Northwood

DVDs of TATS production are on sale at £8 each. To order, contact Martin by email martinhargreaves@yahoo.co.uk

Our major musical this year was Chess. Chess brought new challenges to the Society, as there is very little spoken dialogue, the story is revealed through music. Chess encompasses a range of musical styles from rock to operetta.

The musical, written by Abba stars, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, together with Tim Rice, was directed by Glynis Northwood.

The show portrays (almost entirely in music), the story of the intense rivalry in international chess between two real 1980s grandmasters from the US and the USSR as it then was. It contains the classic ingredients of international intrigue, competition and extra-marital affairs!

The music is truly outstanding, including many well known numbers (songs you know even though you may not recognise the title), for example “One Night In Bangkok”, “I Know Him So Well”, Mountain Duet”, “Anthem” and many more.

TATS had several new members making their maiden appearance, both in principal roles, and in the chorus and choir.

Walter Florence
Walter - Andrew Taylor
Florence - Carla McCormack
The Director Alexander
The Director: Glynis Northwood
Alexander - John Murray
Frederick - Martin Grover
Vigand - Martin Hargreaves
Svetlana Anatoly
Svetlana - Pauline Corbyn
Anatoly - Rob Pucket
The Arbiter
The Arbiter - Ruth Lusby
Anatoly & Florence
Anatoly & Florence
Walter & Florence
Walter & Florence
Members of The Chorus
Members of The Chorus
The Choir
The Choir
The Chorus
The Chorus
Cast and Crew:  
Florence Vassy
Carla McCormack
Anatoly Sergievsky
Rob Puckett
Frederick Trumper
Martin Grover
Alexander Molokov
John Murray
The Arbiter
Ruth Lusby
Walter De Courcey
Andrew Taylor
Svetlana Sergievsky
Pauline Corbyn
Martin Hargreaves
American Delegate
Liz Curd
Russian Delegate
Andy Steele
Merano Mayor
Phil Pickwick
Rosemary Gentry, Jan Clemens, Cathy Swift, Lucy Nightingale
Sandra Nightingale, Lucy Nightingale, Cathy Swift, Rosemary Gentry, Jan Clemens, JAne Brewster, Mick Lacey
Chorus and Choir
Liz Curd, Helen Edwards, Eilean Moulang, Andy Steele, Martin Hargreaves, Lucy Nightingale, Lydia Pickwick, Phil Pickwick, Fran Crowsley, Danielle Sharp, Pam Cowley, Kate Brewster, Ella Jenkins, Sue jenkins
Glynis Northwood
Musical Director
Andy Stewart
Vocal Coach
Rob Brand
Andy Stewart, Rob Brand, Mike Gibbons
Dave French
Tim Brewster
Babs MacDonald
Anne Milne
Stage Management/Props
Penny Murray and Mary Dunkley
Hair and Make-up
Wendy Steele
Lighting and Lighting Design
Ed Steele, Tom Pickwick and Glynis Northwood
Will Jenkins , Time Brewster and Ed Steele
Karen Pickwick
Set Construction
John Murray, Andy Steele, Roy Northwood, Ed Steele, Ruth Lusby and Eileen Moulang
Eileen Moulang
Front of House and Bar
TATS Members

Thanks to Janet Cockings of Turvey Village Hall, John Howlett of Central Stores for managing the Box Office, Dave Hilson for materials and props and Reg Pearson from The Robin Hood, Clifton Reynes.

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